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State Line Tire Vandalized


     State Line Tire Shop, located at 112 East Nashville Avenue in Atmore, was targeted by vandals early Wednesday morning, May 26. According to State Line Tire manager Jon Rowland, an employee of the shop, arrived around 5:45 a.m. to find a broken window and displaced city park bench outside.

 “We got the call from my employee as soon as he noticed the damage,” Rowland said. “When I arrived, I noticed that a double-pane window that fronts Highway 31 was shattered, a city park bench that sits outside in front of the window was displaced and it was immediately determined that this was the item used to destroy the window. Glass also littered most of the front lobby floor. We called Atmore Police Department to report the damage and they sent units out to investigate.”

     Rowland added that the businesses surveillance system was operational at the time of the crime and that two separate security cameras were recording near the location. “One of those cameras will catch who did it,” Rowland said. “We will not know the identity of the vandal or their reasoning behind the crime until we review the footage, but we do know that one of those cameras captured something, so chances of identifying the vandal are extremely high.” No other damage was reported and if anyone has any information on the vandalism, please contact Atmore Police Department at (251)368-9141.

News photo by Ditto Gorme