National Day of Prayer observed

Dr. Kevin Garrett, left, and Dr. Tim Tew
Mayor Jim Staff, left, and Rev. Jim Thorpe
Dietrich Bondurant and Linda Godwin
Willonette and John Hammond
Commander Dave Graham

News Publisher

Though smaller in scope and attendance than in previous years, the local observance of the National Day of Prayer was no less heartfelt and sincere.
Linda Godwin coordinated the event which took place Thursday, May 6, at noon, in front of city hall.
This year’s theme: “Lord, pour out your love, life and liberty.”
Scripture: 2 Corinthians 3:17 “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”
As in years past, Dietrich Bondurant provided music with trumpet solos, and Willonette Hammond blew her shofar as a Call to Prayer.
The National Day of Prayer always targets specific areas. The following prayers were offered.
Government – prayer by the Rev. Jim Thorpe, First Presbyterian Church, Atmore.
A prayer for the president for wisdom and grace, for congress, state leaders to city mayors, and local leaders.
Education – prayer by Dr. Tim Tew, Brooks Memorial Baptist Church, Atmore.
Prayer for educators and children. Educators carry a “great and heavy weight” on them. Prayer not just for public schools, also for private and homeschool educators and students. Prayer that homes will reflect God to children.
First responders – prayer by Dr. Kevin Garrett, First Baptist Church, Atmore.
Prayer that church folks will be first responders too. Prayer of thanks for those who lay their lives down; prayer for wives and husbands of those who serve.
Churches – prayer by Dr. Garrett. “We are to be first responders, not clubs.” Churches need to reach out into the community, and to be a place of extending grace.
Military – prayer by Commander Dave Graham, American Legion Post 90, Atmore.
Prayer of thanksgiving that we live in the greatest nation on earth. Blessings on military at home and around the world.
Family – prayer by John Hammond. Before the prayer: “Everything starts from the family. What are you feeding into your family? Joshua said, ‘As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.'” Prayer of blessing on all our children. Help us to nourish them. Prayer for the end of abortion.
Media – prayer by Dietrich Bondurant. Prayer that once again truth will be valued – truth not opinions that are “destructive and divisive.” Beseeched God to work in a mighty way with media where freedom-loving people can speak freely.”
Business – prayer by Linda Godwin. Businesses are suffering. Prayer for freedoms to be restored in our country. “Help workers to realize we need them.”
Bobby Davis offered the closing prayer, so grateful to God for Who He is.