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Felony arrests

Drug, weapons charges filed after domestic incidents escalate


News Staff Writer

Two area men followed similar paths last week, and each got similar results.
The men, initially involved in separate misdemeanor domestic incidents that drew city police, both wound up behind bars. They each face numerous felony charges, they each remained in jail as midweek neared, and one of them got to experience the effects of a Taser.
Emmanuel Mandella Johnson, 30, of Atmore, and Chadawon Charode McCorvey, 42, of Monroeville, were each jailed on March 24, although the incident involving Johnson began in the waning hours of March 23.
Atmore Police Chief Chuck Brooks said this week officers were sent a few minutes prior to midnight, March 23, to an East Horner address in response to reports of a domestic incident. Patrol personnel arrived to find Johnson “acting in a highly aggressive manner” toward police and shouting at officers.
According to the victim, reportedly Johnson’s girlfriend, he became angry during an argument that erupted because she allegedly “had been texting one of his friends.” Brooks said the woman and a child ran into a bedroom and locked the door. Johnson “forced his way in and began hitting her with the door” and strangling her, she told police.
Johnson finally calmed down, but his luck didn’t get much better. Brooks said officers were patting him down for weapons and found an unspecified quantity of Spice in his clothes.
Escambia County Detention Center records show that he was still in jail — under total bonds of $10,000 — early Tuesday, March 30. He is charged with one count each of domestic violence-strangling, possession of a controlled substance and obstruction of a government operation. All those charges are listed as felonies on Johnson’s booking sheet.
McCorvey’s luck was even worse than Johnson’s.
According to police reports, officers were sent around 3 p.m., March 24, to an address on Old Ship Circle after emergency dispatchers received a report from a neighbor that a domestic dispute, with gunshots, was in progress.
The Monroeville man defied police, refusing to comply with their verbal orders, and continuously took measures to avoid being placed in cuffs. Those measures only worked for a while.
“Officers Tased the suspect and were able to disarm him,” Brooks said. “Our officers were able to use non-lethal force to subdue him, even though he kept resisting.”
Charges continued to mount against McCorvey as the investigation continued.
“He was charged with possession of a pistol by a convicted felon, possession of a short-barrel shotgun or rifle, third-degree domestic violence, disorderly conduct, menacing and resisting arrest,” the police chief said. “There was physical evidence to support the victim’s claim that she was injured by the defendant, and there were some indications that the defendant had actually fired a weapon.”
McCorvey remained behind bars without bond early Tuesday, March 30.