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City spent $5.7K to mow 13 nuisance properties

News Staff Writer

City of Atmore officials announced last week that the city incurred labor and other expenses totaling $5,697.58 in the recent abatement of grass and weeds from 13 properties designated last year as nuisances.
City Codes Enforcement Officer Greg Vaughn presented city council members with cost reports on each of the properties during the panel’s March 22 meeting, explaining that the action was taken only after all the city’s legal requirements were met.
After the council approved the measure last August, signs were placed on each of the 29 properties declared on the original list prepared by Code Enforcement personnel as grass and/or weed nuisances. Notices of the city’s impending action were mailed to the registered owners of each.
Nineteen of the initial properties were cleaned up by the owners, and the grass and weeds on three properties that weren’t on the August list were also mown at the owner’s expense. The costs ranged from $394.56 to $469.56.
The city was to have attached liens to the properties this week, preventing the owners from selling or otherwise transferring the deeds until the municipal amounts are paid.
The properties on which grass and weeds were cut by city crews, along with the cost of each:

  • 0 Hollis Street, $450.96
  • 0 Montgomery Street, $469.56
  • 8 Peachtree Street, $420.06
  • 84 Martin Street, $445.06
    *154 Bullard Street, $451.96
    *156 Bullard Street, $445.06
    *164 Maxwell Street, $444.56
  • 206 MLK Jr. Drive, $394.56
  • 229 Wilson Avenue (parcel facing Colonel Farris Drive, $420.06
  • 229 Wilson Avenue (parcel facing Wilson Ave.), $445.06
  • 301 Howard Street, $445.06
  • 610 Perch Street, $444.56
  • 1126 South Presley Street, $420.06