Honoring Stephanie Alaniz

Superintendent John Knott presents certificate to Stephanie Alaniz

Editor’s note: Escambia County Schools’ Lead Nurse Stephanie Alaniz was recognized at the Board of Education meeting Thursday, February 18, at Huxford Elementary School.
In addition to kudos from Superintendent John Knott and the board, county school nurses also paid tribute to Alaniz in a letter read by school nurse Alice Stewart, RN, Pollard-McCall Jr. High School. Following is the letter.

Stephanie, you are one of the most hard working and dedicated individuals I personally have ever known. You spend hundreds of silent hours that no one knows about, working behind the scenes for our county and for your team of nurses. Your desire is to never be in the spotlight, you often humbly silence our praises and appreciation for you … yet here you are every day working and endlessly giving of yourself so we as Escambia County School nurses can be the best. You have created an environment of unwavering support, encouragement and professionalism in the most difficult of times … we are after all in a PANDEMIC. You have demonstrated true dedication, compassion, and leadership. You committed yourself to the health and safety of an entire county all the while taking care of Escambia County High’s student body and staff, all the while being the lead nurse to eight very different nurses, all the while being a mother to two beautiful children, all the while being Daniel’s wife, all the while being a daughter, a friend and the many other roles we as women often play. You have sacrificed countless hours of family time during evenings, weekends and holidays.
Never once did you just let voicemail answer when your phone rang, even when battling COVID yourself. Your passion for nursing, your dedication and commitment to your nurses and to Escambia County has not for one second gone unseen or unappreciated. Nursing is a calling … God called each of us to be nurturers in a sick world … and we are so very thankful HE called you to be our friend and our leader. Stephanie, you are our HERO, today and every day!