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Council to revisit zoning board appointment

News Staff Writer

A parliamentary faux pas will force Atmore City Council members to revisit a recent appointment to the city’s Zoning Board of Adjustment.
The council voted unanimously during their January 11 meeting to appoint Charles Johnson to the board to replace Robert White, who passed away recently.
The problem arose in how the vote came about. First-term council member Eunice Johnson made the motion to appoint her husband to the board, then voted in favor of the move.
The error, which was not caught during the meeting, was to have been corrected during the January 25 council session but was inadvertently left off the agenda. Atmore News, having been told the minutes would be amended and a new vote taken, incorrectly reported in its January 27 edition that the District 3 representative abstained.
City Clerk Becca Smith said she and Mrs. Johnson were to meet Tuesday (February 2) to discuss the lapse in protocol. She added that Charles Johnson has not taken part in any zoning board meetings, nor has he voted on any issue, since the appointment was made.
“We’re going to fix it at the February 8 meeting,” Smith said. “That’s all I have to say about it.”