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RP Pre-K, Head Start students on a ‘field trip’

Chaver and Williams class
Lenise and Tylee “on the farm”
Dean and Dixon class

News Staff Report

Rachel Patterson Pre-K and Head Start went to the farm last week – sort of. Classes took a virtual “Field Trip to the Farm.” Due to COVID-19, physical field trips are not allowed, so the teachers came up with the idea of a field trip in the classroom to coincide with the November lesson – Farming.
Students got to visit the pumpkin patch and the farm pond. One student racked the hay, while others purchased fruit and vegetables, and another fed the chickens. Everything was in plastic bins, were cardboard cutouts or were small handheld pieces.
Cynthia Clack is the Family Advocate in the Rachel Patterson Head Start / Pre-K.
“The Head Start program is a great setting to start your child for school readiness skills,” Clack said.