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NHS gets big win over South Walton

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Seniors were the utmost priority this past Friday night, October 16. The Northview Chiefs started off the night by honoring the senior football players, cheerleaders, band, and NJROTC. Another victory was also in store for the Chiefs as they defeated the South Walton Seahawks with a score of 70 to 49.
As the game began, the Chiefs received the ball first. The offense for the Chiefs drove down field with several runs by senior Jayden Jackson. Jackson eventually scored for the Chiefs, but the extra point by sophomore Jamarkus Jefferson was no good. The Seahawks also scored on their first drive, and their field goal attempt was good, making the score 7 to 6. Although the Chiefs were down, the first quarter did not end without another Chiefs touchdown by Jackson. Senior running back Logan Bryan scored 2, when the Chiefs elected to go for 2 extra points. The first quarter ended with a score of 14 to 7.
Back and forth was the name of the game for the second quarter. The Seahawks started with the ball. They did not keep the ball for long because sophomore Luke Bridges intercepted the ball and ran down field to get the Chiefs in scoring position.
“I was super excited that I was able to help my team and shift the momentum in such a big way” Bridges said. “There is so much talent on our defense and for me to be a part of that is an honor.”
On the next play, Jackson ran in the endzone for a Chiefs touchdown. The field goal by Jefferson was good. When the Seahawks received the ball, they did not make the same mistake. They responded with a touchdown, but their 2-point attempt was intercepted by Clayton Kittrell. The Chiefs earned another touchdown with Jackson, but the field goal was no good. The Seahawks made 2 more touchdowns in the second quarter with a field goal and a 2-point attempt. Jackson also scored another touchdown for the Chiefs with 2 extra points. The second quarter ended with a score of 35 to 28.
The tribal beat band kept the Chiefs’ spirit up during halftime, and the football team came out after the half ready to finish the task they had in hand.
Jackson said, “I knew at halftime our team needed to keep pushing for four quarters, and we could not give up no matter how tired we got.”
The Seahawks started the quarter with a touchdown and a good extra point attempt to tie the game. The Chiefs responded with another touchdown by Jackson. The Chiefs opted to go for 2 extra points, but they were unsuccessful. The Seahawks scored another touchdown on their next drive with another extra point by field goal. The Seahawks led the third quarter 42 to 41.
As the game was coming to an end, the Chiefs needed to get back on top. Jackson led the quarter with a Chiefs touchdown followed by 2 extra points by Jefferson. With 10 minutes and 35 seconds left in the game, senior Johnny Windham intercepted the Seahawks pass. Another Chiefs touchdown by Jackson and a field goal by Jefferson was achieved.
On the Seahawks next drive, they got into scoring position, but their momentum was stopped by another interception by Bridges. Jackson make another touchdown for the Chiefs, and the Seahawks also made another touchdown. Both touchdowns resulted in extra points.
The game came to a close as the Seahawks drive down field was stopped by the Chiefs defense. Jefferson scored and the extra point was good. The game ended with a score of 70 to 49.
“I did not realize how big of a game I had until after the game, but I also know that our team has a lot to fix and we look forward to practice Monday” Jackson said.
After the game, Bridges added, “Our team worked together great on offense. Our defense still has some work to do, but in the end, we did what we needed to get things done. Already looking forward to Monday, so we can learn and fix the mistakes we had.”
What a great end to Senior Night for the Chiefs! Although the Chiefs celebrate their victory against the South Walton Seahawks, they are looking forward to next week’s rivalry game against the Jay Royals at the Royals stadium. Get ready to support your Chiefs as they prepare to beat the Royals!

News photo by Ditto Gorme