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COVID by the numbers


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The COVID-19 pandemic continued its decline in Escambia County over the past four days, with only 19 new cases reported, with no new deaths. Local hospitals reported only three new cases, and the county’s two nursing homes reported no new cases among residents or staff.

The numbers:


Total confirmed cases: 153,554

Deaths: 2,517

Escambia Co.

Total confirmed cases: 1,354

Deaths: 24

Atmore Community Hospital

Confirmed cases: 580

Negative tests: 2,051

D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital

Confirmed cases: 240

Negative tests: 966

Atmore Nursing Center

Confirmed cases, residents: 36

Confirmed cases: staff: 23

Deaths: 7

West Gate Village

Confirmed cases, residents: 68

Confirmed cases: staff: 42

Deaths: 8