Neighbors helping neighbors

Courtney Leslie, Kyle Hostetler, Griffin Stafford, Mike Stacey, Sam Reid, Pee Wee Powell, Eli Norton, Jerry Janes, and Jacob Reid
Dr. Jonah McIntyre, left, and Courtney Leslie

Special to Atmore News

Isn’t it great to have neighbors? We hate seeing the damage hurricanes do, but it can bring out the best in people.
Thursday morning, after Hurricane Sally hit, my neighbors Dr. Jonah McIntyre and Mike Stacey came to help, along with other members of the community: Courtney Leslie, Kyle Hostetler, Griffin Stafford, Sam Reid, Jacob Reid, and Eli Norton. No one asked them to come help, they just showed up!
My yard along with my neighbors Pee Wee and Ann Powell’s yard had roughly five big trees down plus some smaller ones. I think I counted five chainsaws going at one time, which helped make the clean up go way faster! Plus, there was a tractor and a four-wheeler hauling chunks of trees up the hill to the pile of debris at the street. Without my neighbors, we would still be cleaning up the debris!
Also, a special thank you to Mallorie, Carson, and Jack Shirley for riding around our neighborhood offering donuts, lemonade, water to people Thursday morning!
So, thank you all neighbors for lending a helping hand.