Rethinking the job search

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In the era of COVID-19, a job search can look uncertain. You may be a new college or high school graduate or perhaps you were searching for a job or making a career change before the pandemic. The bottom line is that COVID-19 has presented many challenges wherever you are in your job search or career planning. The processes, however, are the same. You may just have to rethink how to proceed.
According to editors at the professional networking and development website LinkedIn, the majority of companies say it is business as usual for their companies, while others adjust to conducting more videoconference interviews. Likewise, it is important for you to keep things moving. Don’t stop exploring employment opportunities that could be snatched up by other candidates. Also, more people are simply working from home versus going to an office every day.
There are many job search engines that offer resources on everything from the job search to how to conduct a video interview. Some even offer free webinars on finding employment during COVID-19.
Job search tips
• Stay productive and positive.
• Update your resume and tailor it and your cover letter to each job for which you are applying.
• Consider working part-time or for another organization until you land the job you want. For example, grocery stores and delivery services are looking for workers right now.
• Do your homework by researching the company where you want to work.
• Turn your hobby or passion into a business. This is a great time to explore the option of becoming an entrepreneur. For instance, if you are a handyman or handywoman, why not turn your skills into profit.
Enhance your skills
• Become more familiar with your computer.
• Get more comfortable working online with tools such as webinars, email, the Internet, and Zoom or with other modes of digital communication.
• Reflect on your job search and make improvements as needed.
• Research career options and what skills are needed to be successful in those careers.
• Boost your skills by taking advantage of online training sessions, especially if registration is free.
Employers continue to hire employees during the COVID-19 pandemic and under new work restrictions. Therefore, do not get discouraged. You may just have to rethink your search and take this time to update your skills that are applicable in today’s job market.
Alabama Extension offers workforce development training. Contact your county Extension office or Dorothy Brandon, Extension Specialist, Consumer Sciences and Personal Financial Management, at (256) 372-5458.

Donna Gullatte is an agent with Alabama Cooperative Extension System.