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Coronavirus quarantine: Be prepared

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If you have to be quarantined due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), be prepared. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that people have all of the necessary things in order in the event they have to be quarantined at home. Many will recognize these items as traditional emergency weather supplies.
Preparing the home
A COVID-19 quarantine could last up to two weeks. It is important to gather the necessary things in the home to function for that period of time. Ruth Brock, an Alabama Extension family and consumer sciences specialist, offers some guidance on what to have in supply.
“There is no need to buy things you will not use later or to stockpile more than you would need for two weeks,” Brock said. “People need to have a two-week supply of things such as food, medicines and other general household items.”
Having a two-week supply of water and food is important. If there are young children in the home or people with specific dietary requirements, be sure to have an adequate supply of infant formula and other foods needed.
“It is unlikely there will be disruptions to the power or water supply, but canned foods, bottled water and shelf-stable milk are good choices to keep on hand,” she said. “Remember, the general rule is to store one gallon of water per day per person.”
General household items
Brock said people should keep the following household items in supply in the event of a quarantine.
* Toilet paper
* Paper towels
* Dish and laundry detergent
* Hand soap
* Bleach, both liquid and wipes
* First-aid supplies
* Toiletry items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, contact solution, denture supplies, feminine products and deodorant
* Garbage bags
* Facial tissues
* Pet supplies including food, medications and litter
People should prepare to have an adequate supply of both prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Brock said people should contact their pharmacist to help with the timing of their refills.
“Fill any prescriptions as soon as they are eligible to ensure that you have an ample supply to last through a two-week quarantine,” Brock said. “You should also have over-the-counter items such as pain relievers, antidiarrheal medicine, cough suppressant or any routine items your family uses.”
Items for children
Two weeks is a long time for children to be kept in one space. Brock said in addition to the essential things such as formula and diapers, people need to have things that will help occupy a child’s time. Things such as books, coloring pages and board or card games can help the time pass a lot easier.
More information
As people prepare for the possibility of a quarantine, remember to check on family members and neighbors who may need assistance with preparations. There is no need to panic, but people should be prepared to keep their households running normally for two weeks.
For more information on the coronavirus, visit There, you will find several pieces of information related to the coronavirus.

Justin Miller is an agent with Alabama Cooperative Extension System.