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GECA to present ‘A Little Princess’

Alexis Strength and Kyiah Bailey rehearse a scene from “A Little Princess”

News Staff Report

This month, the Greater Escambia Council for the Arts is presenting their children’s show, “A Little Princess” by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
GECA will have two casts for this show, so if you have someone you really want to see, be sure to check with them about which cast they are performing with.
Cast A performs Thursday and Saturday, Feb. 20 and 22:
Sara Crewe – Emma Mast
Miss Minchin – Amanda Miller
Amelia Minchin – Leah Miller
Ermengarde – Savannah Gilmore
Becky – Breely Richardson
Lottie – Finley Jones
Lavinia – Brooklyn Hursh
Jessie – Aliyah Torres
Marie – Megan Wilson / Alana Shelly
Monsieur Thibault / Mr. Carrisford – Trevor Miller
Mr. Barrows / Guy Lawrence – Skyler Hursh
Mr. / Mrs. Michaels – Megan Wilson / Justus Zundel
Lawrence – Tyler Miller
Nora / Mrs. Perrins – Hannah Mallory
Janet – Alyssa Barber
Anne – Coleena Garcia
Cast B that performs Friday and Sunday, Feb. 21 and 23:
Sara Crewe – Alexis Strength
Miss Minchin – Kyiah Bailey
Amelia Minchin – Braylan Shelley
Ermengarde – Josey Garner
Becky – Presley Johnson
Lottie – Jordan Overton
Lavinia – Victoria Strength
Jessie – Autumn Thomas
Marie / Mrs. Perrins – Alana Shelly
Monsieur Thibault / Guy Lawrence – Daniel Overton
Mr. Barrows / Mr. Carrisford – Justus Zundel
Mr. Michaels – Trevor Miller
Lawrence – Tyler Miller
Nora – Natalee Presley
Janet – Elizabeth Terry
Anne – Briauna Matheny
Thursday through Saturday shows are at 7 p.m. Sunday afternoon show is at 2 p.m.
Tickets are $12 and are available at Atmore News, 128 S. Main Street, 368-6397.
Typically, children’s shows tend to sell out quickly, so don’t wait to get your tickets.