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YLA tours Atmore industries

At ACH, from left, Jamarcus Leslie, Ashley Craft, Meredith McGhee, Chaston Helton, William Howell, Blake Johnson, Lillian Bonner, Amber Gilman, Daughtry McGhee, Parker Robinson, Sam Fields, Kindrick McKenzie, Erianna Riley, Syria Etheridge.

Special to Atmore News

For Youth Leadership Atmore’s January session, held January 8, the group visited and learned about different industries within the town. Despite having grown up in Atmore, most of the members were very surprised to learn of Atmore’s employment opportunities.
To start the day, the group toured Alto Products Corporation. During the tour, the group learned that Alto specializes in building their own friction clutches as well as other automotive machinery. The members, each wearing goggles for safety, were taken through the plant and witnessed each phase of the process. They also toured the chemical lab where they discovered that a chemist from Auburn is working on a new friction paper to be used on racecars. In this small town, citizens are working each day using the latest technology to build automotive parts that are sought after from all over the world. Alto is known for having competitors in China and Japan. It employs around 300 citizens from Atmore and the surrounding area.
Next, the group traveled to Atmore Community Hospital. While walking the halls of the hospital, the group learned what the various departments treat and manage. The students toured the E.R., Physical Therapy, ICU, Cardiology, X-Ray, and Respiratory departments. This tour offered the students a chance to see what medical care and medical opportunities are available in our town. Lunch for the group was provided by Atmore Community Hospital as well.
At the end of the day, the group was taken on a tour of another large industry, Masland. Did you know that carpet is made in this town? The students were quite surprised to learn that an entire carpet factory is inside of our city. The members watched as the machine turned thread into carpet right in front of them. Masland also employs around 300 and creates carpet for Olive Garden and Target as well as other businesses.
The January session expanded the youth of Atmore’s knowledge of what Atmore has to offer its town. Exciting industrial creativity takes place in this city every day with the possibility of growth in the future.