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Lillian Bonner honors grandfather

Herb Hackman accepts the saddle from Lillian Bonner

News Staff Writer

Lillian Bonner, a junior at Escambia Academy, recently honored her late grandfather and Atmore native Bob Bonner with a presentation of a Civil War era McClellan saddle to the Atmore Historical Society January 16.
Sharing their love for horses, Bob left Lillian with the special gift of his horse barn when he passed away a few months ago.
“My grandfather was a history and horse lover,” Lillian said. “His days were filled with history and horses. He had photos of General Robert E. Lee’s horse, Traveler. Shortly before he passed away, he left me with the gift of his barn. While renovating the barn, I came across the saddle.”
Lillian explained that her grandfather purchased the McClellan saddle from a man up North and legend has it that the saddle was used by a General during the Civil War.
“I know that he would have wanted the saddle to be in a place that it could be enjoyed by everyone,” Lillian said.
With tears in her eyes, she explained that the saddle can now be viewed by everyone and offered as a tribute to her grandfather and our nation’s history.
“History and horses were my grandfather’s love and I am happy to share his love with everyone through this important artifact,” Lillian said.
Atmore Historical Society President Herb Hackman and the members of the AHS plan to preserve and place the saddle on exhibit at the Atmore Historical Society museum in honor of Lillian Bonner and Bob Bonner.