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Christmas around the world

Daniel Parente, Crimson as Santa Paws, Addison Hadley, Paisley Burger
Mary Blake Drinkard, Brianna Peebles, and Crimson

Special to Atmore News

Third-grade students in Mrs. Linda McCullough’s class at Perdido Elementary School are celebrating Christmas around the World.
Mrs. McCullough has been using her eMints training to teach across the curriculum and allow students to develop their collaborative skills. The students have been using math, language arts, social studies, and science skills to complete activities that expose them to a variety of cultures. They have learned how other cultures celebrate Christmas and when it is celebrated, the different names for Santa, the types of gifts that are given, and the various ways trees are decorated. The activities included an escape room, chemical change experiments, and as a culminating activity a visit from a very special character – Santa Paws!