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Chiefs fall to Baker, ending playoff hopes

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The year has come to an end for the 2018-2019 Northview Chiefs. In the second round of the playoffs, the undefeated Baker Gators took the victory 38 to 14, ending the chance for the Chiefs to move on.
“It was bittersweet,” senior Matthew Caine said. “We really were hoping for the ‘V,’ especially since we were playing to honor our brother and teammate Dariontae Richardson. We gave it all we had though.”
Caine’s comments were in reference to last week’s shocking medical emergency when junior Dariontae Richardson suffered a heart attack the morning after playing Graceville High School in the first round of the playoffs. Richardson was awarded Defensive Player of the Week and had a stellar game, but sadly, he is still hospitalized as a result of his heart attack.
“He was on the field with us,” Caine added. “We held his jersey as the captains met in the middle. He was there in spirit. The whole game was dedicated to him.”
Although the ending was not as we all had hoped, the Chiefs made it to the second round – something that has not been done since the year of the Chiefs State Champions, 2012.
Baker started out in the lead as they scored the first touchdown, but Quarterback senior Seth Killam ran it through for over 50 yards. With a good kick, the Chiefs actually had the lead with a 7 to 6 score! The lead was short-lived, however, when the Baker Gators were determined to have a bigger spread, earning 2 more touchdowns before the half, making the score 18 to 7.
What ended up being a final show from the Tribal Beat Band served as entertainment for both sides. Under the direction of Tim Huber, and student Drum Major Max Odom, the band performed their well-rehearsed shows one last time. “We have worked hard this season,” senior Max Odom said. “I wasn’t quite ready for this night to get here. It has been a fun season with a lot of great memories.”
When the Chiefs returned to the field, they added another touchdown, thanks to junior Trent Peebles’ quick one-yard run. That was the final score for the Chiefs, but the Gators added 3 more touchdowns before they claimed their next spot in the Regional playoffs against the Vernon Yellow Jackets this Friday night.
Well, the football season has ended, but the girls’ weightlifting and basketball have begun. There is always something to do at Northview High. It’s great being a Chief!