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NHS Chiefs dominate Snook Christian

In tailback position, sophomore Jaheem Durant cuts up the middle for a gain of several yards.

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The Pink-Out for Cancer Night in Bratt Friday night turned garnet for the scorching Chiefs’ win. With a 56-0 victory against Snook Christian Academy, Northview had a major wipeout.
“We started off scoring right away and just didn’t stop,” Head Coach Derek Marshman said. “It was a good night for our boys, especially the seniors who were recognized before the game started.”
The varsity players jumped onto the field with determination, and it showed right away. They scored in the first inning and kept it up all night long.
“The game was 49-0 at half-time,” senior quarterback senior Seth Killam added.
Because of the spread, the Chiefs gave some of the second string much-needed playing time. The final score was a resounding 56-0 with both sides showing great sportsmanship after the game.
This win is almost the end of the regular season for the Chiefs. Next Friday night in Freeport will decide if the Chiefs have a home-field advantage for the playoffs. There’s nothing like playoffs in Bratt, Florida, so everyone is rooting for a win against Freeport.
Congratulations to the Chiefs and to all football, band, cheerleader and ROTC seniors who were recognized at the game. Here’s to our year! See you in Freeport.