NHS celebrates homecoming week

Caps it with win over Jay


Northview quarterback Ben Wilson unleashes a 75-yard TD strike to Seth Killam.

News Sports Writer

How sweet it is! Another victory is in the books, and it is even better because it finalizes the end of Northview’s homecoming! A 30 to 20 win against across-the-river rivals Jay Royals will go down in history as definitely a well-fought and well-attended game.
Pre-homecoming festivities started last weekend with the traditional homecoming dance with grades nine through 12 students and their dates invited to attend.
“It was almost standing-room-only,” sophomore Peggy Sunday said. “There is just something about the whole thing – dressing up, getting flowers, seeing your friends all decked out. It makes for a wonderful homecoming season.”
The following afternoon kicked off the traditional hall decorations, with each class competing in the areas of tee pees, wall mural, door decorations, class flags outside, and cup designs, and this year there was a canned food drive held all week as well. When students showed up on Monday, the spirit was set.
“We didn’t do the usual hallway decorations,” senior class president Aubree Love said. “Each year, we have had a hard time keeping those decorations in place. They would just fall down, but this year we went with doors and tee pees. It was just fine.”
Each night classmates would attend a selected location to work on school floats, which carried the theme of “Seasons.”
“We have four grade levels, so each class got a season. For instance, the seniors had winter, juniors had fall, sophomores had summer, and freshmen had spring,” Love said.
Friday was, of course, the big day. Each class was shortened to allow for the annual homecoming parade which lasted around 45 minutes because of the participation from clubs, classes and community members. Candy was thrown, and spirits were lifted even higher, preparing for the pep rally to follow. Students and guests then attended the hour-long pep rally, which was held in the gym this year. From class tug-o-wars to confetti swirling through the air, this was one to remember. Most of my classmates and I boasted the “senior crowns” – something I’ve been waiting to proudly wear ever since I first saw one.
At the pre-game ceremony, one of my best friends since pre-K, Shelby Bashore, was named this year’s homecoming queen. I couldn’t think of a more-deserving person to represent our school. She is such an encourager and is filled with school spirit. She is truly a Chief at heart! Her court was first runner-up Madison Sherouse; second runner-up Kherstin Johnson; Junior Maid Raleigh Woodfin; Sophomore Maid Kenna Redmond; and Freshman Maid Anna Adams. The band’s music and the formality and showmanship of the ROTC made the entire ceremony perfect. In addition, it was at this time that it was announced that the Class of 2019 won the overall spirit competition. All of the hard work outside of school paid off!
Now it was time for the showdown. With my first cousin coaching at Jay High this year, I really had taken some heat from him and some of my classmates who knew he was coaching there. I assured him all week that I would be supporting him in spirit, but he knew I was a Chief, and that was where my loyalties had to lie – especially my last year as a student. Fortunately for me, he understood! My poor mom, who is actually a Jay High graduate, was going back and forth between the Jay and Northview stands the entire game! (She did have on a Northview Chiefs shirt, however!)
The Chiefs did not start out in a strong position, but soon sophomore Jayden Jackson started his fancy footwork and gave us our first touchdown, all after running 64 yards. Chiefs were up 6 to 0 in the first quarter. Second quarter had Jay running one in, but 2 minutes later, the Chiefs scored again thanks to a pass from Ben Wilson to Ray’von Bush.
Before the half, a 75-yard pass from Wilson to Seth Killam was successful, earning another six points for the Chiefs, but Jay answered with a short pass and touchdown of their own as well. None of the extra points were good on either side. Score going into the half: 18 to 12, Chiefs.
Northview’s band kept the crowd motivated as hundreds of supporters milled about on both sides, but when the Chiefs entered the field again, it was obvious they were refreshed and ready. Jayden Jackson, who had a stellar night with over 170 yards rushing, and junior Aunterio Minor both added touchdowns, while the Royals got in one more during the fourth quarter, making the final score 30 to 20, Chiefs.
What an end to a great season. With a 4-2 record, the Chiefs will head to Pensacola Catholic this Friday night in hopes of continuing the victory streak!
And as far as my coach / cousin and the Jay Royals – what a great rival. I noticed after the game how classy both teams were to each other on the field.
There were words of encouragement and handshakes all over the place. I love living where people have been taught to always take the high road, win or lose.