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Blacksher loses area game

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This past Friday night, Oct. 5, the Washington County Bulldogs defeated the J.U. Blacksher Bulldogs 25-14.
To start the game Washington County received the ball but their drive was short-lived lasting only a total of four plays before being turned over on downs. Blacksher was unable to get a touchdown and the ball changed possession. The ball changed possession 2 more times before Washington County was able to score putting them in the lead 7-0 at the end of the first.
On their next possession, Blacksher quickly turned around and scored on a 6-yard run by #4 defensive back and wide receiver junior J.T. Tucker making the score 7-7 with 11:02 left in the second. Blacksher attempted an onside kick and recovered it but had to turn the ball over on downs shortly after. Washington County once again took advantage of their opportunity and scored on a 7-play drive making the score 7-13 with 6:06 left in the first half. Blacksher refused to leave the touchdown unanswered, quickly scoring on a 4-yard run by #17 linebacker and running back freshman JaDaniel Nettles with 4:52 left in the half. Washington County refused to give up and managed to score another touchdown with 2:07 on the clock. The score was left at 14-19 in favor of Washington County at halftime.
To start the second half, Blacksher received the ball on kickoff but after a 10-play drive Blacksher was forced to turn the ball over on downs. The ball changed possession 6 times but neither team was able to score in the third quarter leaving the score unchanged 14-19 at the end of the third.
In the fourth quarter, Blacksher started off with the ball but was unable to score once again turning the ball over on downs. Washington County put the final score of the game on the board on their next possession with 4:53 left in the game. Neither team was able to score again making the final score of the game 25-14 Washington County.
Defensively Blacksher gave up 174 yards rushing and 253 yards passing making the total 427 yards given up defensively by the Blacksher Bulldogs.
Offensively Blacksher was led in rushing by #2 defensive back and quarter back sophomore K.D Rabb who had 108 rushing yards. He was followed by Nettles who had 94 rushing yards. Blacksher totaled 255 rushing yards and 129 passing yards. The team was led in passing yards by Tucker who had 76 total passing yards. The team totaled 384 overall offensive yards.
Blacksher’s next game is their homecoming game against Chickasaw this Friday with kickoff taking place at 7 p.m., following Blacksher’s homecoming parade which starts at 1:30. Pregame starts at 6.