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Chiefs keep the Devils blue

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Oftentimes great things come a little later. This is certainly what happened Friday night, Sept. 21, when the Northview High School Chiefs ended up winning against Holmes County Blue Devils with a final score of 26-20; however, the Chiefs did not dominate until later in the game.
The Blue Devils started off showing their power when they connected with the ball and ran it right into the end zone. Extra kick was no good. Blue Devils up by 6 from the start. Fortunately, however, the Blue Devils fumbled, and senior quarterback Seth Killam faked a pass for yardage. Formerly injured sophomore Jayden Jackson proved he was back in the game for the Chiefs! Jackson pushed through the line for the Chiefs’ first touchdown, giving the Chiefs a tie score before the half.
The Blue Devils, however, were not finished. They capped another touchdown with a good extra point, giving them a 7-point lead. While the band played and the crowd remained hopeful during the half-time, Head Coach Derek Marshman and his assistants were doing what they do best: adjusting attitudes.
“Holmes County is a great team, but so are we. What are you gonna do about it,” Coach Marshman said to the team during the half, Jayden Jackson said. “We just decided to go back out there and keep our eyes on the goal, literally.”
Jackson wasn’t kidding. By the time third quarter started, the Chiefs were determined, but only after Holmes County scored another touchdown. The Chiefs answered with 4 touchdowns of their own, including a Jayden Jackson super-run of almost 80 yards.
Northview’s defense held their own and kept the Blue Devils from making into the end zone again.
“It was such a back-and-forth game,” many cheerleaders kept saying after the game. “That was great.”
Everyone loves to win, and the Chiefs hope to continue the pattern. After all they have two weeks to prepare for homecoming against the Jay Royals on Oct. 5. (This coming Friday night, Sept. 28, is a bye week for the Chiefs.) This should be a well-matched game. Both teams are 3-2, but only one is going to take home the “W.”
Homecoming will kick off next Sept. 29 with the annual homecoming dance at Northview. School activities the following week will include class decorations, poster and flag contests, tee pee competitions and many other exciting things. The traditional homecoming parade will be held Oct. 5 at 2 p.m. More information