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Blacksher falls to Southern Choctaw

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To start off the game J.U. Blacksher Bulldogs received the ball but fumbled it on the first play of the drive. The South Choctaw Indians took advantage and managed to score 7 points within the first 30 seconds of the game.
Blacksher got the ball again but failed to score and turned the ball over to the Indians again on downs which allowed Southern Choctaw to put up 6 more points on the board without the extra point leaving 9:36 on the clock in the first. Blacksher once again turned the ball over on downs on their next possession and the Indians scored again and got the extra point. This made the score 20-0 with 6:05 left in the first. After changing possession 3 times Southern Choctaw scored again but the extra point attempt was blocked by sophomore defensive backer and wide receiver #7 Deon Hill.
To start the second quarter Southern Choctaw scored again with 10:48 left in the second making the score 33-0. Blacksher got the ball but once again turned the ball over on an interception which was a pick-6 for Southern Choctaw. They didn’t get the extra point.
To start the second half Southern Choctaw scored 2 back-to-back touchdowns with one good extra point attempt making the score 52-0 with 9 minutes left on the clock in the third.
After struggling for possession Blacksher was finally able to put up some points with a run by freshman linebacker and running back #17 JaDaniel Nettles at the end of the third quarter making the score 52-7 going into the fourth quarter.
Southern Choctaw and Blacksher both struggled to put any points on the board in the fourth quarter. As the fourth quarter was coming to a close Blacksher managed to score from another run by Nettles making the final score of the game 52-14. Blacksher has high hopes for their next game against their rival Excel this coming Friday. Kickoff is at 7 at home.