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Chamber Art Walk coming

News Staff Writer

Emily Harp and her Atmore Area Chamber of Commerce staff have not been sitting back under the air conditioners, idly awaiting autumn, this summer. In fact, they’ve done anything but.
Harp announced in a bad-news, good-news manner late Tuesday morning that the planned Evening in White has been postponed for a year so that the Chamber can focus on three new projects.
First, Phase 1 of Atmore Art Walk — a 12′ x 30′ mural to be painted on the brick wall of Chamber headquarters — is set to begin this week. Plans are for the mural to serve as the beginning, or focal point, of the series of downtown tours that will cause motorists to “stop, park and get out of their cars” in Atmore.
Next, she reported that Music on Main will return next month, but with something of a different twist. The event will include for the first time musicians stationed inside various businesses.
Brewton-based Provalus chose the Chamber for its Boot Camp 6 Pinnace Project and will build a new website for the Chamber.
Harp thanked Atmore Mayor Jim Staff for his assistance in convincing Chamber members to participate in the recent sales tax holiday and pointed out that the whirlwind of Chamber activity has made her summer seem to fly by.
“Those lazy days of summer have been anything but,” she laughed. “We’ve been feverishly working on new marketing projects, new tourism and opportunities to attract more visitors and community members alike to experience all Atmore has to offer.”