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Readers receive awards

Ages 6 and 7, Hope Lassiter with Eli Copenhaver, left, and Clay Hoffman
Ages 4 and 5, Hope Lassiter with Charlie Trawick, left,
and Cayson Henry
Age 8, Hope Lassiter with Avery Trawick, left, and Evelyn Espranza
Age 9, Hope Lassiter with Emma Grace Hoffman, left,
and Savannah Schneeklock

News Staff Writer

One of the highlights of summer for dozen of youngsters – and parents and grandparents – came to an end last Friday with the close of the summer reading program at the Atmore Public Library.
Every Friday in June, the library hosted a special guest for the kids, but it is a summer reading program, and the library staff encouraged reading from the first session. Youngsters and parents were encouraged to get a reading log and keep up with the books they read (or that were read to them) during the month. In the last session, awards were given for the most books read in each age group.
APL Director Hope Lassiter presented the following awards:
Ages 4 and 5 – Charlie Trawick, 90 books; Cayson Henry, 55 books
Ages 6 and 7 – Eli Copenhaver, 100 books; Clay Hoffman, 84 books
Age 8 – Avery Trawick, 110 books; Evelyn Espranza, 51 books
Age 9 – Emma Grace Hoffman, 159 books; Savannah Schneeklock, 42 books
After awards were presented, the library staff held a drawing for door prizes.
Kids were also treated to face painting.

News photos by Sherry Digmon