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New year for Chamber Ambassadors

The 2018-19 Chamber Ambassadors, from left, seated, Adonis Williams, Mary Thompson Lancaster, Sara Rollin, Brooke Doolittle, Joshua D. Banks, Jr., Logan Chavers; standing, Anna Grace Janes, Mar’Daizah Salter, Christiara A. Jones, Bailey Hayles, Emma Caroline Sasser. Not pictured is Olivia Rayleen Simmons.

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The Chamber Ambassadors for 2018-2019 are gearing up for the year. They are
Joshua D. Banks, Jr. – Escambia County High School; Logan Chavers – Northview High School; Brooke Doolittle – Northview High School; Bailey Hayles – Escambia Academy; Anna Grace Janes – Escambia Academy; Christiara A. Jones – Escambia County High School; Mary Thompson Lancaster – Escambia Academy; Sara Rollin – Escambia Academy; Mar’Daizah Salter – Escambia County High School; Emma Caroline Sasser – Escambia Academy; Olivia Rayleen Simmons – Escambia County High School; Adonis Williams – Escambia County High School.
The Atmore Chamber Ambassador program has always been a good way for high school seniors to get involved in and learn more about the community, but this year, the program is going to higher level.
Chamber Executive Director Emily Harp had an orientation dinner meeting with the group Thursday, June 28. She called this session Chamberology 101, and it gave this year’s Ambassadors a look at the Chamber of Commerce from its beginning in 1599 in France to the first one in the States in New York City in 1768, then to the Chamber in Atmore.
Harp and the Chamber board are making changes in the program this year.
“It’s about creating the future,” she told the Ambassadors.
Prior to the meeting, at Harp’s request, photographer Ditto Gorme did individual pictures of each Ambassador as well as a group picture. There was a reason for the pictures – not just to have a file photo. They will be available to the Ambassadors to include with resumes, college applications, or other business and professional documents.
Among the sessions this year are government and politics, history, etiquette, finance, communication skills, interview skills, the Chamber, and news and media.
Harp encouraged the Ambassadors to be engaged in the program.
“Your participation will determine what you get out of this,” she said.
Several people in the community have stepped up to mentor individuals in the group – Tom and Missie Tschida, Jodi James, Emilee Waters, and Harp.

News photo by Ditto Gorme