Amended docket released

News Staff Report

The amended criminal jury term 21st judicial circuit docket, July 16, was released this week.

Following are the cases on the docket.

Honorable Bert W. Rice – Division I

Emmanuel Nared, TOP 2nd, UPFI

Honorable J. David Jordan, Division II

Christina Daniels, TOP / deception, att-CS crime; Sean Te’Andre Knight, PPC; Christopher Gibbs, LSA w/injuries; Michael Crenshaw, crim. neg. homicide; Leanna Gibbs LSA w/injuries; Cynthia Lanier Lopez, UPCS; Don Newcomb Richardson, Jr., assault 2nd; Monique Pierre-Louis, TOP 2/ethics;

Valeria Anderson, TOP/ID theft; Kevin Lee Dean, SORNA; Robert Chad Hazley, drug trafficking; Justin McGhee, UDCS x 2, UPCS; Dwight Lampkins, att-murder; Sheila Caraway, UPCS; Joe L. Craft, robbery 1st, RSP 2nd; Tonya Yvonne Lee, TOP / fraud. leasing; Geovanni Ginnett, assault 3rd, sodomy 1st; Jennifer Williams, failure to report; Teena Lee, TOP 1st; Leonardo Deon Moye, att-murder; Thomas D. McNeal, burglary 1st;

Nicholas Jordan, SORNA; Anthony Stonewall, assault 2nd; Jennifer Colbert, burglary 2nd; Tristien Cole Neal, PPC 1st, PPC 2nd; Ashlyn Kilpatrick, drug trafficking; Emmanuel Nared, TOP 2, UPFI; Shaunathon Qualls, UDCS, chem.end.child; Gregory Ralph Gomien, UPCS; Lakeith Reynolds, disch.gun/occ. bldg.; Sheila Hammac Hollan,, ill. poss. credit card; Manuel Lane, DV strangulation; Kimberly Redmon, assault 1st, RSP 1st; Ashley Bryant, assault 2nd; David Jernigan, sex abuse 2nd;

Kevin Allen Fowler, UPCS; Devin Wayne Ratliff, escape 3rd, RSP 3rd, UPCS; Kateris Jenkins, DV strangulation; Dillon Scott Snider, UPCS; Jalary Brown, assault 2nd; Shaun Keith Jacks, burglary 3rd; Destin Elaine Lowery, UPCS; Donald Alexander, UPOM 1st; Jerid S. Snider, UPCS; Ross Anthony Rogers, manslaughter; Doyle Alex Barber, crim. mischief; David Tyler Vickery, B/E vehicle x 3, RSP 3rd;

Chris Plowman, no driver license, no insurance; James Thomas Smith, UPCS; Frederick James, Jr., burglary 2nd; John Whiteaker, Jr., UDCS; Kristen Elise Jay, public asst. fraud; Ricky Rowell, reckless driving, reas./prud speed, leaving scene of acc.; Rachel Worth, fraud use c.card; Leigh Graves Najor, TOP 1st; Brittany Rabb, crim. trespass; Sacore McCants, UDCS x 2.

B/E – breaking and entering
CS – controlled substance
DV – domestic violence
LSA – leaving the scene of an accident
PPC – possession prison contraband
RSP – receiving stolen property
SORNA – Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act
TOP – theft of property
UDCS – unlawful distribution of controlled substance
UPCS – unlawful possession of controlled substance
UPFI – unlawful possession forged instrument
UPOM – unlawful possession of marijuana