Rite Aid closing next week

Officials of Walgreens, which recently purchased more than 1,900 Rite Aid stores across the nation, will begin next week the process of closing the Rite Aid in Atmore.
According to a press release from Walgreens officials, Atmore’s Rite Aid pharmacy will close on June 6. The remainder of the store, located at 506 East Church Street, will stay open only about two weeks longer than that.
Walgreens officials and company accountants are examining the performance of each of the 1,932 Rite Aid stores involved in the purchase, closing many to “ensure we have the right stores in the right locations to create a more focused network of stores that can deliver the greatest value for our customers.”
Once the local Rite Aid is closed, all its prescription records will be available at the Walgreens store on South Main Street.