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Sunday alcohol sales now officially legit in city

The selling of packaged alcoholic beverages on Sundays has been legal in Atmore for a month. Or so everyone thought.

City council members gave unanimous approval during their Monday, April 23, meeting to an ordinance that officially allows restaurants, convenience stores and other licensed retail outlets to begin selling beer and wine at 10 a.m. on Sunday.

Such sales actually became legal on March 25, but the statute’s official entry into city code did not happen until Monday, when the ordinance was passed and each council member signed off on it.

City officials had given stores and restaurants permission to sell alcoholic beverages on Sunday after the Alabama Legislature approved the local legislation. A council resolution that was passed in January was the basis upon which state lawmakers gave their consent.

However, the city council never followed up by formally passing the required ordinance that was the last hurdle to leap before such sales could be legally allowed.

They did so — with no discussion of the issue — at their April 23 session.

Prior to quietly passing the Sunday sales ordinance, council members approved a request by Women of Distinction to conduct the group’s annual Cancer Awareness Walk.

Yolanda Webster made the request on behalf of the organization, asking for and gaining unanimous permission to hold the annual memorial and awareness event on Saturday, October 13.

Webster told city governors that plans called for the walk to begin at 10 a.m. on that date, after opening ceremonies at Atmore City Hall. The group of walkers — consisting of cancer survivors, supporters and those currently fighting the disease — will walk from city hall to Houston Avery Park, just off Martin Luther King Drive.

The walkers pay to take part in the annual walk, and proceeds benefit local cancer patients. Last year, the local social group bought gas card for patients who are forced to travel for treatment.

Also, Mayor Jim Staff reminded those in attendance that the annual Unity in the Community celebration will be held Saturday, July 28, at Grace Fellowship Church.

Council members also reminded those at the meeting that Mayfest will take place on Saturday, May 5, and that there would be only one council meeting in May (May 14) since Memorial Day falls on May 28, a scheduled meeting date.