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Stolen 18-wheeler recovered here

Although the man accused of stealing it eluded capture, Atmore and Poarch police worked together Monday (October 9) to recover a tractor-trailer rig that was reportedly stolen from a Theodore business.

According to reports filed by APD investigators, the unidentified truck thief left Interstate 65 and drove the rig down Ewing Lane, not realizing that it was a dead-end road until he had gotten to the end.

He reportedly tried to turn the semi around but was unable to and abandoned it. Poarch police discovered the truck early Monday morning but did not realize at the time that it had been stolen, apparently just a few hours earlier, from Research Solutions in Theodore.

As police were investigating the truck theft, they received a report that the driver had been in the Chevron store on Jack Springs Road and had stolen several snack items.

Fountain Correctional Facility’s tracking dogs were called in and tracked the suspect to Creek Travel Plaza, where they lost his scent. Police believe the subject of the search was either picked up there by an accomplice or hitched a ride with an unknowing motorist.

The rig was returned to officials of the Theodore business later Monday.