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Shots fired?

Atmore police were sent to three locations within the city Sunday night, June 25, in response to reports of gunfire, but were unable to find the person or persons believed to have fired the shots.

At least four residents of the city’s southeastern sector called to report hearing what was believed to be single, spaced-out shots and several staccato bursts from an automatic weapon.

The shots rang out around 11:15 p.m., according to most of those who notified police.

Police Chief Chuck Brooks said Tuesday that APD officers were dispatched to unspecified addresses as the calls came in.

“Around about that time on Sunday, our officers responded to three locations – one on Laurel Street, one on Forest Avenue and one on Craig Street – in response to possible shots fired,” he said.

No injuries were reported from the noisy display of firepower, and Brooks said officers patrolled the area for a brief period after responding to the calls but did not uncover any evidence pertaining to who might have fired the weapon or weapons.

“Our officers responded, but they were unable to locate the source of these shots,” he said.

Anyone who hears or witnesses gunfire within the city should continue to call 368-9141 or 911 to report it, the police chief added.