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Local Walgreens burglarized

Atmore police are still investigating the May 29 burglary of a local pharmacy that netted three intruders an undisclosed amount of federally controlled prescription medications.

APD Chief Chuck Brooks said Monday that city police rushed to Walgreens Pharmacy, 1504 South Main Street, around 2 a.m. on that date after receiving an alert that something was amiss at the local business.

“We got a phone call from Walgreens’ alarm company that they had an alarm showing entry to the building,” said Brooks. “Our officers got there within a matter of minutes and discovered that the front door had been pried open.”

Store surveillance video captured the crime in real time, but the obviously veteran thieves were apparently prepared for the digital scrutiny.

“Later, we talked with an employee and looked at the store’s security video,” Brooks said. “These guys knew what they were looking for. The video showed that three males entered the store and immediately went to the pharmacy. But they were all wearing hoodies or had clothing pulled over their faces, so we couldn’t identify any of them.”

The local police chief said the trio of burglars took an unspecified quantity of undisclosed pharmaceuticals, then left through the damaged front door. He also noted that the unidentified suspects could also possibly be responsible for other recent heists that have occurred at other Walgreens pharmacies in the area.

“The Walgreens in Brewton was broken into a couple of weeks ago, and several Walgreens in the area have been burglarized recently, say within the last month or two,” Brooks said. “It’s possible that it could be the same suspects doing it; I just don’t know.”