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Trailer fires ‘suspicious’

A trailer on Old Ship Circle burns Thursday morning

Investigators with the State Fire Marshal’s Office have been asked to look into two fires that destroyed two unoccupied trailers here, almost exactly four days apart.

Atmore Fire Department Capt. Daniel Love said this week that AFD officials asked for the state examination due to several suspicious aspects of the fires, each of which occurred on Old Ship Circle.

One happened early Thursday morning, while the other took place early Monday morning. Each was reported around 2 a.m.

“The two trailers were less than 150 yards apart, across the street from each other,” said the fire captain, who also serves as the department’s assistant chief.

“Neither was occupied, and neither had electricity. Both fires started around the same time, and they were both total losses.”

Love said he believed that neither trailer was insured, lessening the chance that the fires were set to generate a financial windfall. In fact, he said, the owners of the trailer that burned Thursday morning had initiated a remodeling project about three years ago and were still in the process of renovating the house.

Both fires burned “hot,” and each was in close proximity to other dwellings.

All on-duty AFD personnel was sent to fight the blazes, and all off-duty personnel was called in to man stations that were left vacant by the fire response. Firefighters from Poarch and Walnut Hill also responded to each blaze.