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Working on Christmas

Atmore Community Hospital on the floor, from left, Charlotte Green, Kathleen Parks, Quay Fields, Juan Varela, Ashley Sharpe

Special to Atmore News

While most of us were home enjoying time with our families and celebrating Christmas, the men and women of the Atmore Police Department and Fire Department, Atmore Ambulance Service, and Atmore Community Hospital chose to come to work in order to keep our city safe and well cared for. In fact according to a USA Today Poll, 1 in 4 Americans will work on either Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. This number has nearly doubled over the past decade as retailers have chosen to remain open during these holidays.

But while retailers choose to keep their doors open to shoppers, Tom and I visited some very selfless men and women Christmas morning for whom going to work is a necessity. These men and women provide services that are essential to the well-being of this community. They are your First Responders and Emergency Services. They sacrificed time with their families to ensure our safety, health, and welfare needs were met because, as we all know, accidents, fires, and sickness cannot distinguish holiday from any other day.

As the New Year approaches this week and as the opportunity presents itself, take a moment to thank these men and women who go above and beyond not only during the holidays, but 365 days each year to provide us with these services so essential to the Atmore community.

All of us at the Atmore News would like to extend our heartfelt “thank you” to all the first responders and hospital personnel, as well as the many other men and women who sacrificed their time to work Christmas Day.

Atmore Police Department dispatcher Valerie Drane
Atmore Fire Department, from left, Brandon Barber, Jake Lambert, Daniel White, Jesse Boone


Atmore Ambulance Service, from left, Donnie Brown, Karen Jay, Frank Jay, H. Cooper
Atmore Community Hospital ER, from left, seated front, Keith Classen; seated back, Dr. Fountain; standing, from left, Rick Barberi, Jennifer Haskew, Brett Wilkins.
Atmore Police Department, from left, Lenny Conley, Sgt. John Powers, James Dean