Shots fired at party

Atmore police pulled the plug on a Saturday, Dec. 3, party at a Pensacola Avenue residence after several shots were fired, apparently into the air, as the festivities carried over into early Sunday.

Police Chief Chuck Brooks said a patrol officer had noticed the large crowd, which officers estimated at “about 100 people,” at the residence prior to dispatchers receiving several reports that shots were fired.

“It was early Sunday morning, and there was a large party at a residence on Pensacola Avenue,” the chief said. “We get calls like that periodically, and on this particular call, one of our officers noticed a little bit before the gunshots were reported that there was a large group at this residence, so we were keeping check on it.”

Brooks said officers were sent to the location, where they quickly discovered that the party was a little rowdier than the average residential party.

“When they responded, they noticed alcohol and the smell of what they believed to be marijuana,” he said. “A gun was confiscated, a 9 mm handgun.”

With the large crowd and no clear indication of who might have committed what crime, officers took the only action open to them.

“No arrests were made,” the chief explained. “Our officers dispersed the crowd, and one car that was in the roadway was towed. Basically, we just shut the party down. Officers were there a few minutes, then they were gone.”