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Firefighters, superheroes join forces

All the superheroes, from left, Capt. Jeremy Blackmon, The Grinch, Batman, Black Widow, Lt. Daniel White, Captain America, Volunteer Capt. Glenn Kelley, Lt. Wayne Kelley, Spiderman, Capt. Zack Stewart, Batwoman, and Firefighter A.J. Beachy.

If you went to the local Walmart Saturday, December 3, you probably noticed the two fire trucks sitting over on the side of the parking lot. You might have noticed a red trailer parked near the front door.

But what would really have caught your attention were the Atmore firefighters and their friends, a group of superheroes.

AFD Lt. Daniel White knows Batman and asked him about coming to Atmore to help with the department’s toy drive. Batman did come to Atmore and he brought friends with him. So, Saturday, kids could have their pictures taken with Batman, the Grinch, Black Widow, Spiderman, and Batwoman. Shoppers were asked to buy a little something extra and donate it to the drive.

At the end of the day, firefighters and superheroes collected or bought with donated money around $2,000 worth of toys that will be delivered to local children who might not otherwise receive any for Christmas.

The costumed characters, who donated their time for the Annual Firefighters Christmas Toy Drive, came from Mobile and Pensacola and were reportedly given $100 to cover their gas, but used the money to buy more toys for the drive.

Firefighters A.J. Beachy, left, and Zack Stewart use donations to buy more toys

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