EA brings home a win from Hooper Academy

News Staff Writer

The Escambia Academy Cougars traveled to Hope Hull, Alabama, Friday, September 29, to play at Hooper Academy against the Colts. After a bye week, this game is a reintroduction to class play, but Hooper is not in the same region as the Cougars.
Cougar captains Quinton Odom, Luke Bell, and Charlie Sasser, met at midfield with the refs for the coin toss pre-game, which the Colts won, electing to receive the ball to start the game.
A 50-yard pass to the end zone gave Hooper the first points of the game with 4 minutes remaining in the first quarter; however, the extra point attempt failed and left them only 6 points ahead of the Cougars.
After a 30-yard pass by Keller Coston to Odom to move the ball down to the 2-yard line, the 2 connected again with another pass for the touchdown. The 2-point attempt by Coston was good, putting the Cougars ahead at 8-6 to end the first quarter.
Another pass from Coston to Odom halfway through the second quarter led to 80 yards of total gain for a touchdown; Odom also completed the 2-point conversion to widen the Cougar lead on to 16-6.
The Cougars made it to the end zone again after Coston made a 10-yard pass to Odom once again, who completed the run 1 minute into the third quarter. Coston completed the 2-point conversion, bringing the score to 24-6.
Hooper added to their score with a 5-yard carry into the end zone with 4 minutes left in the third quarter; the 2-point conversion failed, leaving the Colts down 24-12.
Odom received a 20-yard pass from Coston 1 minute later to give the Cougars another touchdown; Odom received the ball to make the 2-point conversion good and bring the score up to 32-12, which would be the final score.
The Cougars will return to region play in Canoe as they face off against the Pickens Academy Pirates for their Homecoming game. This, of course, includes all the festivities such as the homecoming banners and Court presentation at halftime, as well as the crowning of the Homecoming Queen, so be sure to come out and enjoy the game as the Cougars fight for a spot in the playoffs! The game will also be livestreamed on EA’s Facebook and YouTube pages as well, if you would like to tune in.