Food scores released

The following Escambia County food / lodging establishment ratings were released by the Alabama Department of Public Health for June and July. Ratings are ranked by score, low to high.
FSE = Food Service Establishment
Brewton Food Mart, Inc. Brewton, 87, FSE
Rosie’s Kitchen, Atmore, 88, FSE
Jalisco Mexican Restaurant, Atmore, 90, FSE
Hardee’s, Atmore, 90, FSE
Acapulco Mexican Restaurant, Atmore, 90, FSE
Creek Travel Plaza – 24/7 Diner, Atmore, 90, FSE
Quick Stop Food Mart, LLC, Atmore, 90, FSE
Chen’s Chinese Buffet, Atmore, 91, FSE
Atmore Convenience 1 LLC, 6450 Hwy. 21 N., Atmore, 91, limited food
Atmore Convenience 2 LLC, 6202 Hwy. 21 N., Atmore, 91, FSE
Express Mart #6, 325 N. Main St., Atmore, 92, limited food
Jack’s Family Restaurant, Atmore, 92, FSE
South Alabama Vending, Atmore, 93, FSE
Subway #18898, Flomaton, 93, FSE
Express Mart, 22685 Hwy. 31, Flomaton, 93, limited food
Burger King, Atmore, 94, FSE
David’s Catfish House, Atmore, 94, FSE
American Coffee House, LLC, Flomaton, 94, limited food
Smith’s Quick Stop, Atmore, 94, FSE
McDonald’s, 1414 S. Main St., Atmore, 94, FSE
Atmore Donuts, Atmore, 95, FSE
Hardee’s, Flomaton, 96, FSE
Anchor Café, Atmore, 96, FSE
Nett’s Kitchen, Atmore, 96, FSE
It’s A Family Affair, East Brewton, 97, FSE
Circle K, 745 Sidney E. Manning, Flomaton, 98, limited food
The Coffee House LLC, 112 W. Ridgeley St., Atmore, 98, FSE
Gather, Atmore, 98, FSE
Dino Land Christian Daycare, Atmore, 98, daycare food service
The Coffee House @ 107 W. Ridgeley St., Atmore, 98, FSE
Rocky’s Pizzeria, LLC, Atmore, 98, FSE
Taco Bell, Atmore, 99, FSE
The Warehouse Market and Bakery, Atmore, 99, FSE
Railroad Nutrition, Flomaton, 99, limited food
Flomaton First Baptist Day Care, Flomaton, 100, daycare food service
Drexel & Honeybee’s, Brewton, 100, FSE
Rabo’s Sweets & Trading Post, Flomaton, 100, limited food