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Williamsons honored at Federation annual meeting

Todd Williamson
Spencer Williamson

Special to Atmore News

Still farming.
That was the theme of the Alabama Farmers Federation’s 99th annual meeting in Montgomery Dec. 6-7 where members of the state’s largest farm organization gathered to elect leaders, discuss policy and chart a path into the next century.
COVID-19 brought many changes to the meeting. Programs were shortened, members practiced social distancing and wore protective masks, however, Federation business continued in many ways as it has for nearly a century.
“I love what I do, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you, “ said Federation President Jimmy Parnell, who was reelected to his fifth two-year term. Parnell praised the work of farmers who persevered through a pandemic, trade wars and storms in 2020.
Among the members recognized at the annual meeting were Todd Williamson, Escambia County Farmers Federation incoming president; and Spencer Williamson, Escambia County, member of the State Young Farmers Committee.