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Stay focused on dreams, despite uncertain future

On Thursday of last week, I found myself rushing from a track meet, then to one high school baseball game and the next. For me, this time of year usually marks a very busy time as the two sports seasons collide and things begin to heat up.
Then, on Friday afternoon, everything came to a screeching halt. Schools shut down, businesses closed their doors and panic began to set in.
Suddenly this week’s baseball games and track meets I was looking forward to covering, ended. Additionally, professional sports teams halted play.
As I chatted with high school coaches over the weekend about the current situation facing our country, state and community, one thing was prominent — uncertainty.
At this time, it is uncertain if and when life will go back to normal. It is also uncertain when the regular sports seasons will resume.
The coronavirus has taken a toll in every aspect of our lives.
Baseball fields that were alive last week with cheers as teams competed for a first-place position in area play, are now silent. With players sent home and practices canceled, one has to wonder what the start-back will be like.
The other idea crossing many minds is if there will even be a resumption of baseball season before projected graduation dates in May.
The simple fact of the matter at this time is that we simply do not know. The coronavirus has inserted a fear that is very hard to overcome.
Last week, I found myself riding around Atmore to local businesses selling ads and covering sports.
After this week’s edition of Atmore News is published, I find myself searching for anything to write about that pertains to sports.
For the first time in my life, there is simply nothing. The world has stopped.
Instead of watching sports in person or on television, I now find my spare time spent trying to locate toilet tissue.
It is amazing how much can change in one week. The excitement of hitting a homerun has now been replaced with fear.
Instead of post-game handshakes, the media and national leaders are calling for “social distancing” and no large gatherings.
I personally never thought I would see the day in this country when all sports in any capacity would be cancelled.
To add to the situation at hand, church was cancelled this past weekend.
The biggest piece of advice that I can offer students and student athletes at this time is to ride it out. Be safe in everything that you do and use the brain that God gave you.
Do what you can to support one another and stay focused on your dreams. They are still within your grasp.