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Main, satellite courthouses closing until April 6

Escambia County (Ala.) Commissioners voted unanimously during a special meeting today (Tuesday, March 17) to close the main courthouse in Brewton and the satellite courthouse in Atmore, effective tomorrow, in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The closure, which was recommended by the Association of County Commissions of Alabama, will remain in effect until at least April 6.

A letter that includes the telephone numbers of county officials will be posted on the doors of both buildings, and a copy will be posted to this site Wednesday morning when it is received from county officials.

Circuit Court Clerk John Robert Fountain will be in the courthouse, but the doors will be locked. Anyone having urgent business with the court clerk will be allowed in after the urgency is verified by courthouse security.

Penalties for past-due payments of taxes or other obligations will be waived until the courthouse reopens.

Tax Collector Tim Pettis and Probate Judge Doug Agerton hae promised to “take care of any business that has to be taken care of” during the period of closure, said District 4 Commissioner Brandon Smith, who added that the commission would revisit the closing on April 6 and decide then whether to end it or extend it.