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Circuit Clerk warns of ‘jury duty’ scam

News Staff Report

Escambia County Circuit Clerk John Robert Fountain warned this week that telephone scammers are using a “missed jury duty” con to try to separate locals from their money.
Fountain said several people reported last week that they had received calls from the flim-flam artist, who reportedly tells the person answering the phone that he is a county deputy, even going so far as to provide a badge number.
The caller then tells the person that Fountain has obtained a warrant for his or her arrest from Circuit Judge Dave Jordan and that he or she should purchase a money order or a Green Dot card for the amount of the fine and provides an address to where the card should be sent.
Fountain reminds county residents that his office does not handle such cases in this manner and urges them to hang up on the caller, then report the attempted scam to the sheriff’s office.