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Atmore men caught with pot

Cleo Frye
Dalvin Frye

News Staff Report

Two Atmore men were among the latest caught in a crackdown by East Brewton police on the possession and use of illegal substances within the city.
Cleo Frye III, 25, of a Short Street address, and 22-year-old Dalvin Williams Frye, who lives on Second Street, were each arrested on a second-degree marijuana possession charge after the car in which they were traveling was pulled over by police, reportedly for a traffic violation.
According to police reports, an officer initiated a traffic stop August 31, on Ridge Road, after noticing the unspecified violation. The two Atmore residents were reportedly the only occupants of the vehicle.
The smell of marijuana smoke reportedly lingered inside the car’s interior, and the officer reportedly asked the two if they had been smoking the illegal weed and if they still had some. Reports show that Cleo Frye then turned over a small amount of marijuana he had hidden in his shoe.
Both men were charged with one count of possession of marijuana in the second-degree and released after each posted a $1,000 bond.
Under Alabama law, possession of a quantity of marijuana judged to be for “personal use only” is a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by a maximum sentence of 1 year in jail or prison and a maximum fine of $6,000.
Also under the provisions of state law, a conviction on any marijuana charge will also lead to a six-month suspension of the convicted person’s driver license.