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Driver hospitalized

The car landed on its roof

An Atmore man was hospitalized after a single-vehicle mishap that occurred on Wilson Avenue around 7:19 p.m. last Wednesday, Nov. 23.

According to Atmore Police Department reports, 35-year-old Scottie Hall was taken by ambulance to a Bay Minette hospital for treatment of the injuries he suffered when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed along the narrow city street.

Reports show that Hall’s 2009 Dodge Avenger left the roadway shortly after he turned from Short Street onto Wilson Avenue. The car then reportedly traveled approximately 50 feet, hitting two culverts and flipping before it landed upside-down in a ditch on the northern side of Wilson.

The multiple impacts flattened one side of the car’s roof, smashed the windshield, nearly ripped off the front left tire and scattered engine and other parts up and down the residential street.

The speedometer needle was stuck on 65 mph, said police, who noted that Hall was not wearing a seatbelt.
APD officers were the first emergency personnel on the scene. They arrived to find a black male, later identified as Hall, “trapped, unconscious, lying on his back on the (interior) roof panel” of the Dodge. One of his legs appeared to be pinned beneath an unspecified part of the car’s interior.

He reportedly regained consciousness but was told to remain still until medical professionals arrived from Atmore Ambulance and Atmore Fire Department. Hall was eventually removed from the vehicle and taken by ambulance to North Baldwin Infirmary, from which he has subsequently been released.

Police believe alcohol played a role in the wreck.